Two Step Diet Plan

Remember a horse’s natural diet is forage - supplements are there just to provide what natural feeds cannot.

The Two Step Diet Plan incorporates both Ultimin Gold - a broad spectrum mineral and vitamin supplement for Horses and Flax Oil to provide a feeding system that is easy to feed, cost effective and treat every horse as an individual. The Two Step Diet Plan is based around feeding supplements independently, ensuring more control over your horse’s diet and allowing you to tailor each horse’s feeding regime to suit their requirements.

The HAP Two Step Diet Plan

Simply mix to a feed consisting of a good quality chop/chaff with soaked sugar beet to provide a palatable and nutritious base feed:

  1. Ultimin Gold contains the perfect blend of minerals and vitamins to help replace any deficiencies in forage. It also contains a digestive aid to help increase digestive efficiency, making a happy horse.
  2. Flax Oil is a concentrated energy source naturally containing omega 3 and omega 6 at an ideal ratio for your horse. 

Ultimin Gold contains a balanced supply of essential minerals and vitamins with no added energy or protein, making it suitable for all horses, including poor doers and good doers,

The amount of Flax Oil in the diet can be increased / decreased according to the horse's energy requirements. For this reason, the Two Step Diet Plan can be tailored to suit every horse and pony's needs.

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Flax Oil
Flax Oil

a concentrated energy source which is naturally high in Omega 3 and Omega 6 at the optimum ratio for a horse. Free Delivery on orders over £45

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Flax Oil Pump 30ml
Flax Oil Pump 30ml

This handy pump fits to the screw top of the 5L Flax Oil container.

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Ultimin Gold
Ultimin Gold

A top-quality broad spectrum mineral/vitamin supplement for horses with the added benefit of live yeast to aid gut efficiency. Free Delivery on orders over £45

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